VW Sandstone Car Coasters (Z025)

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DGCOASTERShips In:Usually 1-2 Business Days

Size:2 5/8″Product

Notes:Set of 2Color:Blue and White

Manufacturer Part Number:DRG03800



VW Sandstone Car Coasters ( VW Sandstone Car Coasters (Z025)

VW Sandstone Car Coasters (Z025). The Volkswagen Sandstone Car Coasters are sandstone and absorb moisture from beverages in your vehicle’s cup holder. This helps prevent drips on your clothes or upholstery! The Volkswagen Cup Coasters fit perfectly inside of your cup holders and prevent messes from happening in your cup holder. Protect your vehicle’s interior from stains from your beverages with the Volkswagen Cup Coasters! Comes in a set of two.


Fitment Note: 2 5/8″. Coaster may not fill the entire space in extra large cup holders.

Manufacturer Part Number: DRG03800 (x2)

Product Notes: Set of two. Blue and White sandstone.

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