Late Great Chevy – Corvette 396 C.I. / 491HP Small Block Chevy BluePrint Crate

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Late Great Chevy – Corvette 396 C.I. / 491HP Small Block Chevy BluePrint Crate ( Corvette Crate Engines For Sale )

Base Part Number 369842
Eck OEM Number BP3961CTC


Late Great Chevy – Corvette 396 C.I. / 491HP Small Block Chevy BluePrint Crate ( Corvette Crate Engines For Sale )

SPECIFICATIONS: Engine Size: 396 C.I. Small Block Chevy Block:  4 Bolt Main, 1 Piece Rear Main Seal, Passenger Side Dipstick, Bored .040, Squared & Parrallel Decked, Align Honed Main Bearing Bore, Cylinders Are Sonic Tested For Thickness  Rotating Assembly:  New Cast Steel Crank w/3.875″ Stroke, Cast 6″ Heavy Beam Rods with 150,000 PSI Bolts, Forged Aluminum 10.4:1 Pistons, Hastings Moly Rings, Melling High Volumne Oil Pump, Heavy Duty Double Roller Timing Chain  Cylinder Heads:  BluePrint 23 Degree Aluminum, 64CC Chamber, 220cc Intake & 67cc Exhaust Runners, 2.08″ Intake & 1.60″ Exhaust Stainless Valves w/Swirl Polished Undercut Stem, 5 Angle Valve Job, Chrome Nickel Valve Seats, Manganese Bronze Valve Guides, Chromeoly Retainers, 7 Degree Valve Locks, Roller Rocker Arms, Dual Valve Springs, Guideplates, 7/16″ Rocker Arm Studs w/Guide Plates For 5/16″ Pushrods, & Viton Valve Stem Seals, Intake Flows 254 CFM & Exhaust Flows 208 CFM @ .500 Lift & 28″ Of Vacuum, Fits Perimeter & Center Bolt Valve Covers Camshaft:  Aggressive Hydraulic Roller, .510 Intake, .520 Exhaust, 230 Intake, 236 Exhaust Duration @0.50, 110 Lobe Separation Intake Manifold:  Dual Plane Satin Aluminum, Similar To Edelbrock Performer RPM Carburetor:  750 CFM Holley, Manual Choke, Jetted For 2,150 Ft. Elevation, Re-Jetting May Be Required Distributor:  BluePrint or MSD HEI, Initial Timing Set To 10-16 Degrees & Total Timing 32-34 Degrees  Includes:  Valve Covers, Oil Pan, Timing Cover, Brass Freeze Plugs Does Not Include:  Spark Plugs, Spark Plug Wires, Short Aluminum Water Pump, Harmonic Balancer, Flex Plate Or Flywheel, Or Air Cleaner Recommended Harmonic Balancer:  400 C.I. Weighted 8″ Diameter Recommended Flex Plate Or Flywheel:  350 Weighted (1-Piece Rear Main Seal Externally Balanced) Recommended Spark Plugs:  Champion 792 with .045 Gap Recommended Stall Converter:  2,000 – 2,400 RPM Recommended Air Cleaner:  14″x3″ Recommended Engine Oil:  10W30 Non-Synthetic Recommended Minimum Octane Fuel:  91  NOTE:  This engine may not clear your factory hood…hood modifications or an aftermarket hood may be required.  This engine is shipped dry without engine oil.  All horsepower and torque numbers are provided by the crate engine manufacturer and are within 2% of advertised numbers.. These numbers were achieved on a professionally operated dynamometer to compensate for variables such as altitude, temperature, relative humidity, vapor pressure, and barometric pressure. The number provided were measured is at the flywheel, corrected to SAE J1349 standards, and NOT at the rear wheels. Measured rear wheel horsepower can be anywhere from 15-25% less than flywheel horsepower. Many factors will affect horsepower the horsepower numbers you will see and include exhaust header selection & diameter, ignition and fuel system components, fuel octane rating & quality, proper torque converter selection (if equipped with automatic transmission), drivetrain efficiency, etc.Corvette is America’s Sports Car and deserves a worthy powerplant. If you own a mid-70’s through ’82 Corvette, then you have somewhere between 165HP & 230HP…depending on the year. Over time, normal wear and tear makes it feel like less, even if you take care of your engine and only drive her on weekends. By comparison, new V-6 Camrys & V-6 Accords make over 265HP and feel faster…SACRILEGE! Eckler’s Corvette has the perfect solution…a professionally hand built 396 cubic inch small block Chevy crate engine from BluePrint Engines. We’re talking 491 horses at 5,800 RPM right out of the box…that’s more than the C7 LT1 Stingray or more than double your factory output! That’s enough power to light up your tires and put the fun and excitement where it belongs…under YOUR hood! And, thanks to modern technology, you’ll get all that power with good reliability and drivability. With a proven BluePrint Crate Engine combination, there’s really nothing to figure out and no excessive downtime waiting for your engine to be rebuilt right. Just remove your factory engine and install one of our BluePrint Crate Engines. Of course, Eckler’s Corvette offers a complete line of add-on accessories to finish your engine just the way like. Add it all up and a BluePrint Crate Engine makes the most sense for your Corvette. Trust Eckler’s Corvette for all your C1 1955, 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, 1960, 1961, or 1962, C2 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1967, C3 1968, 1969, 1970, 1971, 1972, 1973, 1974, 1975, 1976, 1977, 1978, 1979, 1980, 1981, and 1982 Corvette performance, resto-mod, upgrade, accessory, and restoration needs. About BluePrint Engines: BluePrint Engines was founded 20 years ago on the principle of building great engines at affordable prices. Since then, they’ve built over 300,000 engines and have been featured on Over-Hauling, Counting Cars, Fat and Furious TV shows. BluePrint relentlessly builds and dyno tests engine combinations that deliver a balanced combination of power with long term durability. Once a winning combination is approved, their ISO 9001:2008 world class standards to produce each engine with consistent and repeatable performance and high quality. In fact, all engines will deliver power within 2% of the advertised number which leads the industry. An engine is only as good as the components in it and that’s why BluePrint selects name brand components are used wherever possible. Each engine is assembled carefully by hand by a master engine builder. Upon completion, each engine is hot tested for leaks and dyno tested…you even receive the actual dyno test sheet of YOUR engine before shipping. BluePrint stands behind each crate engine with a 30 month 50,000 mile limited warranty.


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