Nitto NT 555 G2 Tires N213-990

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Nitto NT 555 G2 Tires N213-990

Brand: Nitto Tires
Manufacturer’s Part Number: N213-990
Part Type: Tires
Product Line: Nitto NT 555 G2 Tires
Summit Racing Part Number: NIT-213-990
UPC: 4981910505433
Wheel Diameter: 17 in.
Tire Size: 225/50-17
Tire Weather Usage: Summer
Tire Construction: Radial
Load Range: XL
Sidewall Style: Blackwall
UTQG Tread Wear Rating: 320
Tire Diameter: 25.91 in.
Section Width: 9.17 in.
Minimum Recommended Wheel Width: 6.00 in.
Maximum Recommended Wheel Width: 8.00 in.
Directional: Yes
Severe Snow Rated (3PMSF): No
Speed Rating: W
Load Index: 98
Asymmetrical Tread Pattern: No
Traction Rating: AA
Temperature Rating: A
Max Load Single (lbs.): 1,653 lbs.
Tread Depth: 10.2/32 in.
DOT-Approved: Yes
Run-Flat Technology: No
Studdable Winter Tire: No
Tube Required: No
Quantity: Sold individually.


Nitto NT 555 G2 Tires N213-990 ( Buy Nitto NT 555 G2 Tires N213-990 Online )

Buy Nitto NT 555 G2 Tires N213-990 Online. The Nitto NT555 G2 Tires (Part No. N213-990) are high-performance tires designed to deliver excellent traction, handling, and durability for sports cars, muscle cars, and other high-performance vehicles. Here’s what you need to know about them:

  1. Performance: The NT555 G2 tires are engineered to provide exceptional performance both on dry and wet roads. They offer precise handling, excellent cornering stability, and responsive steering characteristics. These tires are suitable for spirited driving, track days, and everyday use.
  2. Traction: The NT555 G2 tires feature an advanced tread compound with silica-enhanced technology, which improves grip and traction on various road surfaces. This compound enhances both dry and wet traction, ensuring confidence-inspiring performance in different driving conditions.
  3. Handling: The tire’s tread pattern incorporates large tread blocks and a continuous center rib, providing enhanced stability and precise steering response. This design promotes high-speed stability and cornering performance, allowing drivers to push their vehicles to the limit with confidence.
  4. Wet Performance: The NT555 G2 tires are designed with circumferential grooves and lateral voids to evacuate water effectively, reducing the risk of hydroplaning and improving wet traction. This ensures predictable handling and braking performance in wet conditions.
  5. Durability: Nitto employs advanced construction techniques and materials to enhance the durability and longevity of the NT555 G2 tires. The reinforced sidewalls and robust internal structure contribute to improved durability, allowing the tires to withstand high-speed driving and aggressive cornering.
  6. Noise and Comfort: Despite their high-performance capabilities, the NT555 G2 tires are designed to provide a comfortable and quiet ride. Nitto has engineered the tread pattern to minimize road noise and vibrations, ensuring a pleasant driving experience even during long journeys.
  7. Sizes: The NT555 G2 tires come in various sizes to fit a wide range of vehicles, from sports cars to muscle cars and high-performance sedans. Common sizes include 17 inches to 22 inches in diameter, with different widths and aspect ratios available to suit different wheel sizes and vehicle applications.
  8. Price: The cost of Nitto NT555 G2 tires varies depending on the size and retailer. They are generally considered mid-range to premium tires, reflecting their high-performance capabilities and quality construction.
  9. Warranty: Nitto offers a limited treadwear warranty on the NT555 G2 tires, providing coverage for a specified mileage range. The warranty terms may vary depending on the tire size and other factors.

Overall, the Nitto NT555 G2 tires are an excellent choice for enthusiasts seeking high-performance tires that deliver exceptional traction, handling, and durability. With their advanced technology and focus on performance, these tires are well-suited for drivers who demand the best from their vehicles.

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