Dorman Wheel Alignment Parts 526-385


Dorman Wheel Alignment Parts 526-385

Brand: Dorman
Manufacturer’s Part Number: 526-385
Part Type: Wheel Alignment Parts
Product Line: Dorman Wheel Alignment Parts
Summit Racing Part Number: RNB-526-385
UPC: 00885484695276
Wheel Alignment Component Type: Control arm
Includes Alignment Components For: One rear wheel
Quantity: Sold individually.


Universal: No
Model: RSX
Submodel: TYPE-S
Beginning Year: 2002
Ending Year: 2006
Drivetrain: FWD
Application Notes: Adjustable Arm Adjusts Camber -2.00 Degrees to +3.00 Degrees


Dorman Wheel Alignment Parts 526-385 ( Buy dorman wheel alignment parts 526 385 ebay )

Buy dorman wheel alignment parts 526 385 ebay. The Dorman Wheel Alignment Parts 526-385 are aftermarket camber and caster adjustment kits designed to enable precise wheel alignment in vehicles. Here’s what you need to know about them:

  1. Purpose: The Dorman 526-385 kit is specifically engineered to correct camber and caster angles in the vehicle’s suspension system. Camber refers to the angle of the wheel relative to the vertical axis when viewed from the front or rear of the vehicle, while caster is the angle of the steering axis when viewed from the side. Proper adjustment of these angles is crucial for even tire wear, steering stability, and handling.
  2. Design: This kit typically includes cam bolts and nuts. The cam bolts feature an eccentric design, which allows for precise adjustment of the camber and caster angles. These bolts replace the original bolts in the vehicle’s suspension components, such as the upper control arms or strut mounts.
  3. Material: Dorman Wheel Alignment Parts 526-385 are constructed from high-quality steel, ensuring durability and strength. The bolts are designed to withstand the forces encountered in the suspension system and maintain their adjustment over time.
  4. Adjustability: The eccentric cam design of the cam bolts allows for a certain degree of adjustability in camber and caster angles. By rotating the bolts, the position of the suspension components can be altered, thus adjusting the wheel alignment within a specified range.
  5. Compatibility: The Dorman 526-385 kit is designed to fit specific vehicle applications. It’s crucial to verify compatibility with your vehicle’s make, model, and year before purchasing. These kits are commonly used in trucks, SUVs, and some passenger cars.
  6. Installation: Installing the Dorman 526-385 kit typically involves removing the original bolts from the suspension components and replacing them with the cam bolts included in the kit. Once installed, the cam bolts can be rotated to achieve the desired camber and caster angles.
  7. Performance: Properly adjusted camber and caster angles contribute to improved vehicle handling, steering stability, and tire wear. The Dorman camber and caster adjustment kit ensure precise wheel alignment, enhancing overall vehicle performance and safety.
  8. Maintenance: Regular inspection of the cam bolts is essential to ensure they remain properly adjusted. Periodically check for signs of wear or loosening and re-tighten as necessary. Additionally, perform regular wheel alignments to maintain optimal alignment settings.
  9. Price: The cost of Dorman Wheel Alignment Parts 526-385 may vary depending on the retailer and vehicle compatibility. They are generally considered affordable aftermarket parts, providing a cost-effective solution for wheel alignment adjustment.

In summary, Dorman Wheel Alignment Parts 526-385 offer a practical and effective way to correct camber and caster angles, ensuring proper wheel alignment and vehicle performance. With their durable construction and easy installation, they provide a reliable solution for addressing alignment issues in a wide range of vehicles.

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