DORMAN 939-172 – 16 X 7 Inch Steel Wheel

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DORMAN 939-172 – 16 X 7 Inch Steel Wheel

Part: Wheel
Brand: Dorman
Notes: 16 x 7 Dimensions; 170 mm Bolt Pattern Diameter; 125.2 mm Bore Diameter; 16 mm Lug Hole Diameter; 8 x 170 Primary Bolt Hole; TPMS Compatible; 11.5 mm Valve Stem Diameter
Series: OE Solutions Series
Quantity Sold: Sold individually
Material: Steel
Color Finish: Silver
Condition: New
Product Fit: Direct Fit
Wheel Diameter: 16 in.
Wheel Width: 7 in.
Recommended Use: OE Replacement
Offset: 0.16 in.
Backspacing: 4.17 in.
Number of Lugs: 8 Lugs
Load Capacity: 2746 lbs.
Warranty: Lifetime Dorman limited warranty
Prop 65 Warning: Vehicle Fitment Information


DORMAN 939-172 – 16 X 7 Inch Steel Wheel ( 16 X 7 Inch Steel Wheel for Ford Excursion 2005-00 )

16 X 7 Inch Steel Wheel for Ford Excursion 2005-00. Looking to upgrade your wheels for better performance and style? Look no further than the DORMAN 939-172 – a 16 x 7 inch steel wheel that combines durability, functionality, and aesthetics in one sleek package. In this blog post, we’ll explore the benefits of choosing steel wheels like the DORMAN 939-172, discuss its features and specifications, guide you through the installation process, delve into maintenance tips for longevity, showcase customer reviews and ratings, compare it to other wheels on the market – all so you can make an informed decision for your vehicle’s needs. Let’s roll into it!

What is the DORMAN 939-172 Steel Wheel?

The DORMAN 939-172 Steel Wheel is a high-quality aftermarket wheel designed to provide strength, durability, and performance for your vehicle. Made from sturdy steel material, this wheel is built to withstand the rigors of daily driving and various road conditions. With a size of 16 x 7 inches, it offers a perfect balance between style and functionality.

Whether you’re looking to replace a damaged wheel or upgrade the look of your car, the DORMAN 939-172 delivers on both fronts. Its sleek design and black finish give your vehicle a modern and polished appearance while ensuring reliable performance on the road. Compatible with a wide range of vehicles, this steel wheel is a versatile choice for drivers seeking quality and value in their wheels.

Upgrade your ride with the DORMAN 939-172 Steel Wheel – where durability meets style effortlessly!

Benefits of Choosing Steel Wheels ( 16 X 7 Inch Steel Wheel for Ford Excursion 2005-00 )

Steel wheels, like the DORMAN 939-172 – 16 X 7 Inch Steel Wheel, offer numerous benefits for vehicle owners. One of the primary advantages is their durability and strength. Steel wheels are known for being able to withstand rough road conditions and impacts better than other wheel materials.

Additionally, steel wheels are cost-effective compared to alloy or other types of wheels. They provide a budget-friendly option without compromising on performance or reliability. When it comes to maintenance, steel wheels are relatively low-maintenance and easy to care for.

Another benefit of choosing steel wheels is their versatility in various weather conditions. Steel wheels perform well in both hot and cold climates, making them a practical choice for all-season driving. Opting for steel wheels can be a smart decision that combines affordability with durability and reliability on the road.

Features and Specifications of the DORMAN 939-172 ( 16 X 7 Inch Steel Wheel for Ford Excursion 2005-00 )

Looking for a reliable and sturdy steel wheel option? The DORMAN 939-172 might just be the perfect fit for your vehicle. This 16 x 7 inch steel wheel is designed to provide durability and strength, ensuring longevity on the road.

Constructed with high-quality materials, this steel wheel is built to withstand various driving conditions. The sleek design adds a touch of style while maintaining functionality at its core. With precise engineering, the DORMAN 939-172 offers a secure fit and optimal performance.

Equipped with a corrosion-resistant finish, you can trust that this steel wheel will stand the test of time. Whether you’re cruising down city streets or tackling rough terrains, this wheel is up for the challenge. Upgrade your vehicle with the DORMAN 939-172 – a blend of reliability and quality craftsmanship.

Installation Process and Compatibility

Looking to upgrade your vehicle with the DORMAN 939-172 – 16 X 7 Inch Steel Wheel? Let’s talk about the installation process and compatibility of this durable steel wheel.

Installing the DORMAN 939-172 is a breeze for those familiar with basic automotive maintenance. With its universal fit design, this steel wheel is compatible with a wide range of vehicles, making it a versatile choice for many car owners.

Before starting the installation process, ensure you have all the necessary tools on hand. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully to guarantee a seamless installation experience. Once securely mounted, you’ll notice an instant improvement in both aesthetics and performance.

Whether you’re replacing damaged wheels or simply looking to switch up your ride’s look, the DORMAN 939-172 offers a reliable and cost-effective solution that won’t disappoint.

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